Why a Martingale Collar is Best for Your Pooch

If you have a dog that likes to go for walks with you then you might have noticed that they try to lead sometimes. If you aren’t the dog whisperer and don’t know how to get your canine friend to heel you might be using the wrong collar. It’s possible that your dog doesn’t like his collar very much and tries to pull away from you and it. Whether they’re successful or not depends on the quality of the collar itself. There are a lot of different kinds of collar/leash options available on the market, but which one is best for your dog? If you haven’t heard of a martingale collar then read on because they are quite extraordinary.

best martingale dog collar

A Leash that Keeps Your Dog in Line for the Whole Walk

A regular leash is quite easy to escape for a dog who is determined to break free if given enough wiggle room. You don’t want to have to chase after your dog if they get off the leash and start bounding down the street. It could be a disaster if something were to happen to your little furry friend. You want to not just keep your dog at your side for your own benefit, but for their safety as well.

You need a leash that can handle the pulling, biting, and twists/tugs that normal collar might not hold up as well under. The best martingale dog collar is very sturdy and will endure for many years. You won’t have to worry about rust or poor stitching because these collars are built to last.

Usually there are a lot of options to choose from online when it comes to these collars, so you can find one that suits your individual taste and preferences. Your dog might prefer leather over nylon so it’s up to you to figure out which leash works best. There’s softer leashes available too if you want to give your buddy a less abrasive material around their neck.

Buying a Collar for Your Best Friend

You can find these collars in all kinds of different colors, sizes, and styles. You will notice how attractive these collars are with all their different design patterns. You might want to pick up a variety of them for having on hand to show your friends or in case you get another pet. The best martingale dog collar is a snap when it comes to practicality and makes a super comfortable fit around your pet’s neck.

The beauty of these collars is that it encourages your dog to stay by your side instead of tugging and pulling all the time. This is because the collar rests a certain way on the dog’s neck and allows for correctional tugs to keep the dog in step with your rhythm. You will notice that your dog has plenty of breathing room even when you tug correctively on the collar using your leash.

You can choose from a wide variety of styles, colors, and materials when you choose a martingale collar. You can find a softer or more durable collar when you look through the options available.